Sustainable Agriculture Technology

The Wildlife in Livelihood Development (WILD) Programme, coordinated by Sustainable Agriculture Technology (SAT), is an EU funded initiative aimed at improving socio-economic and ecological resilience of land-use activities and livelihoods in semi-arid communal areas of Zimbabwe through incorporation of robust wildlife-based land-use enterprise into the mainstream of communal economies. 

The  Communal  Areas  Management Programme  For  Indigenous  Resources (CAMPFIRE),  initiated  in  Zimbabwe  in  the 1980’s  as  a  world  leader  in sustainable Community  Based  Natural  Resource Management  and  Utilisation  (CBNRMU),currently  encompasses  some  square 50,000km– roughly equal in extent  to the National Parks and  Wildlife  Estate  –  and,  as  such,  is  of  vital importance  to  promotion  of  wildlife  and ecosystem  conservation,  wildlife-based  land use  and  tourism  -  so  contributing  to  socioeconomic  and  ecological  resilience  and sustainable  development  in  Zimbabwe. 

In an exciting new phase of CBNRMU evolution and development, the WILD Programme seeks to  pilot  sustainable  alternative  models  to empower communities to  participate  more centrally  in,  and  benefit  from,  CBNRMU enterprises  and  opportunities  appropriate  to semi-arid regions of the country.


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